The suicide note (digt)

En tekst jeg skrev, da alt så ud til at være sort… (har fået det bedre nu. lol)

My head is shaking my world have past. I’m all alone in the world from my sight.

The green light is empty and gone. I don’t see any reason to be here all along.

My body is shaking but nobody sees. It’s hidden away whit a smile and “I’m fine”.

You should think your friends would see, but you be surprise for what a shirt can hide.

I’m sitting here all alone whit my tears in my eyes. I’m crying for everything that have died.

I know it’s not much. I know I shouldn’t cry. But who cares anyway just let me die.

I have one friend dark and tall he is. He’s always around then a smile find its way out.

I know I should be grateful for that I have. But my friend is greedy and every smile he now has.

Say what you want. Judges me like you do. Nothing can make this worst then when I’m on my own.

I’m living like a rat between all the flowers. I’m living like a demon above us.

You don’t have to say what I already know. I belong in hell to burn up for what I have done.

Maybe you will remember me maybe you won’t. But what’s the difference anyway you only see a ghost.

You can say it over and over again but the words just get empty. I can scream the truth out but what the point when nobody hears me.

Apetaly you have to bleed before they see. Apetaly is what I hate the only friend who wants me.

So, just go away. Go to bed. It’s that time at night were the stars won’t come out.

Let me cry in peace. Let my cry at home. Let me die in my bed the only place where I was my own.

You can shake your head. I know you don’t understand. But if you do I’m so sorry for your dealing with this to.

I say you must be strong. I say someday it will be over. But in the end, we’re just suicidal kids telling each other’s that death is not a way to recover.

We get asked for all our scars and don’t know what to say. But now it’s time to say goodbye cause we’re just lost angels trying to get back to the sky.

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